About Skedco

SKEDCO  Incorporated  is a story of “From Little Things Big Things Grow” and so a story about the little thing that through the Vision of Bud Calkin becme the wide range of innovative Rescue, Medical and Special Operations equipment.

The story starts with someone  that loved back country hunting and struggled to get her Deer home and her invention of a plastic SLED with ropes that could be used to drag the beast to the pickup. From there US Army Veteran Bud Calkin immediately identified that the device could be used tor rescue a wounded soldier. The inventor was Buds sister.

So the SKED Stretcher was born.

Through the hard work of Bud and his wife Catherine and a small family team that worked day and night, after school and any time they could to help Uncle Bud, the vision became reality. The innovation took of with one product following another and with Bud listening to the end user the products were refined to best meet the needs of users.

The SKED stretcher became the SKED Basic Rescue System, then there was the Oregon Spine Splint 2 (OSS2) that took extrication of a seated victime to a professional level. Following came the Hazmat Hospital Decontaminible SKED (HMH SK-250) that was developed with industry for industry to rescue a fully suited Fire Rescuer or Hazmat Specialist from within a HOT ZONE without the need to remove protective garments or breathing devices.

The Team at Skedco and its International Distributors and client continue to help SKEDCO to innovate to meet the needs of professional rescuers.